About > Nathan Smith

I am happily married to a brilliant woman who grew up in Estonia. I work as a designer and developer at TandemSeven. For a full work history, see my résumé.

Like father, like son

I began building sites late last century, in the days before WYSIWYG editors, coding each and every page by hand. In high school I made a basic site to house my award-winning multiplayer levels for various video games. As web publishing has become more robust, I want to push it to its full potential.

I hold a Master of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary. While working there as a web developer, I helped teach IT605: Technology for Ministry. I came to realize many Christian sites are poorly done, because fledging ministries simply cannot afford the cost of quality craftsmanship.

That is why I decided to provide an alternative solution. Granted, I certainly do not consider myself to be some sort of revolutionary thinker. The notion of starting a web development business is not novel, by any remote stretch of the imagination. I just assumed people are tired of getting shortchanged.

I refuse to perpetuate the myth that publishing on the web must be difficult and expensive. It is fairly simple and can be done without too much trouble. This is evident by the countless number of sites already out there. The trick is to find a concept, design, or approach that is fresh and inventive.

This is what I feel makes SonSpring different. I am not out to make a buck, hand over fist. It should be possible to offer solid work within a reasonable budget. I simply believe in using my God-given talents to help others. If you also share that belief, then perhaps you have come to the right place.