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Clone-o-Matic: Example | Download

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This solution arose over a lunch at Jack in the Box with my former coworker, Cody Lindley. We pondered if it would be possible, and I decided to find out. The following has nothing to do with Ajax, so don’t bookmark it as such.

DOM Gallery

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DOM Gallery: View Demo | Download

In light of the recent announcement over Microsoft changing the way Flash works in Internet Explorer, I have been tinkering with a few ways to do my portfolio with JavaScript instead. I am not entirely certain I will use this, as I may just tough it out and see what becomes of using Flash via the object method.

Page Scroller Template

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Note: I’ve done two example pages, one with smooth scrolling JavaScript and the other without. Hopefully this template will provide a good starting point for those wanting a simple, single-page résumé / portfolio website. Read the rest of this article for an explanation of how it works. Check out the action here…

Demo: Standard | Smooth Scroll | Download

Fun With Moo.fx

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Note: This is not a Web 2.0 application, nor is it a demonstration of Ajax. It is just a little display of what Moo.fx can do, based on one of their tutorials. They have recently updated theirs to include a cool moon mission interface. At the time I started on this though, their demo wasn’t quite as nice, which is what inspired me to pretty it up a bit. All I really did was the CSS and the graphics.

Demo: Moo.fx iMac (View Source)


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