JavaScript Interview Questions

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I was perusing my list o’ RSS feeds this evening — Yes, I’m one of those people who still read RSS — and happened upon a list of JavaScript interview questions posted by James Padolsey. This reminded me that I had a few questions tucked away from when I was contacted by a Meebo recruiter a few years ago.

Adapt JS Explained

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This explains the origins of, and how to use, Adapt.js – (skip to How to use)

JavaScript Inception

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Note: The following whimsical post assumes that you have seen the movie Inception. If you haven’t yet, and you don’t want to run the risk of spoilers, then I’d encourage you to see the movie before reading any further.

jQuery Englightenment

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Several years ago, I landed a job as a junior designer / front-end developer, working with and learning from Hugh Griffith and Cody Lindley, respectively. The former taught me how to have an eye for “big-D” design, beyond just the visuals, and the latter pushed me to write more modular, elegant code.

While we have all since moved on to other jobs, these guys instilled in me the desire and drive to constantly be self-teaching.

jQuery Desktop

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jQuery Desktop

jQuery Desktop: View Example | Repository + Download (136 KB)

Note: Special thanks to Adrian Rodriguez for the wallpaper image.

Keeping Digg Honest

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For those of you who know me, you also know that I have a love / hate relationship with Digg. They seem to love linking to my content, and I generally don’t care for the negativity their readership brings both via comments on my site and Digg itself. In the past, I was simply deflecting all Digg traffic.

However, friends convinced me the embargo really just hurt end-users, by not allowing them to get at the content they were seeking. Fair enough.

jQuery iFrame Sizing

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This has been made into a jQuery plugin. I recommend using that instead.

iFrame sizer: Example | Download (56 KB)

Note: Due to browser security limitations related to cross-site scripting, this solution works only for iframe page content called from the same domain.

jQuery Portlets

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Note: This code is outdated. Instead I suggest you use jQuery UI.

Portlets: Example | Download (24 KB)

JS Option Sort

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Update: Instead of using this example, I would recommend using Cody Lindley’s solution instead. It derives from the same school of thought, but is a better overall implementation. Check it out: List/Sort Pattern for Everyone.

Option Sort: Example | Download (4 KB)

Recently I had need to present a few rapid prototypes of various ways to categorize data into one of two columns, as well as re-order items within the columns themselves.

Slideshow Alternative

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Note: The following article is outdated. I recommend you check out my rotating images demo from the jQuery Cookbook. You can download the code here.


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