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Mic check. Test, test… Does this blog still work? It is crazy to think, the last time I used it was in 2011, whilst suggesting to my fellow designer friends that they ought to learn Sass.

Keynote Wireframe Toolkit

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Keynote Wireframe Toolkit

Hypothetically, if someone told me I should wireframe web page layouts using PowerPoint, I would probably laugh. If I actually thought this person was serious, I would probably have some concerns regarding his sanity and well-being.

.Net Magazine Feature

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I am pleased to announce that my write-up about church web design will be featured in the June 2008 issue of .Net Magazine. Despite the similarity in name, it is not affiliated with (or related to) Microsoft’s .NET framework.

I was privileged to be one of three designers to participate in a “build-off,” crafting a hypothetical home page for a real or fictitious place of worship. To expedite the artistic process, I chose my own church, Spring Valley UMC.

50 Designers, 6 Questions

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Smashing Magazine, a blog dedicated to covering helpful design and development resources, just turned 1 year old this week. To celebrate, they are having a book give-away. They also asked a series of questions of top web designers, for an article entitled 50 Designers x 6 Questions. It’s well worth the read, especially because many people more talented than myself took the time to share their thoughts.

Stonebriar Relaunch

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Stonebriar Community Church

I am happy to report that the redesign of Stonebriar Community Church has gone live. It was designed by Chris Merritt, so all credit goes to him for the amazing visuals. David Lanier was responsible for implementing everything in the enterprise CMS, TYPO3.

Logo Re-Birth

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New Logo

Update: In case there was any doubt, this was an April fool’s joke.

Meridian Communications

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As the regular readers of my site might already know, I used to live not too far from Lexington, KY where I was attending graduate school. From time to time, I get an email from someone in that local area asking if either I can do some contract web work for them, or if I know of anyone who would be a good resource to work with. Currently, I am too busy to take on new clients, so I usually end up referring them to agencies that are in Kentucky.


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