Em Image Sizing

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To the Power of M!

Demo: See Example Here (View Source)

Update: This technique also works for: Em Flash Sizing.

I have been seeing a lot of interest growing in how to use Ems for web page layouts. The benefits of using Ems for sizing and positioning are of course the ability to increase font size and allow users to read text at their preferred level of legibility. One thing that often goes overlooked however, is the sizing of images.

CSS, Flash, and XHTML

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No really, there is a good reason for the title of this post (not just doing SEO). I recently redid my portfolio section and in so doing, fumbled upon something I think is pretty cool. I’ve never been a big fan of Flash loading screens. I think that is because subconsciously, I know that designing and coding the loading screen adds additional loading time, as well as file-size.

Free Calendar Template

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No Strings Attached

When developing websites for various churches, I am usually able to use a blogging CMS to meet their needs for simple site maintenance and update functionality. Yet, I was often at an impass when it came to doing a monthly calendar. All the systems out there are either too robust and pricey (listing things down to the minute, like a personal day planner), or open-source but far too bloaty code-wise.

CSS Validator Nonsense

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Seeking Clarity

If you’ve been doing web design for awhile, you’ll remember the old days of table based layout. For me, the dawn of CSS and web standards was when I really started taking an interest in best practices. I liked the exactness that it called for – a certain level of precision as opposed to nesting tables within tables, and throwing down a font-tag to change an element’s color.

Thinking Inside the Box

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I know, you’re thinking – “Who does this guy think he is, he’s in 9rules for two days and he’s already dispensing tips?” Well, yeah, but not because I consider myself an expert. Rather, it’s because I’m so average that I have such a keen insight to the mind of the normal human being.

Comments Popup

That being said, there are a few things that have been on my mind lately, the first of which is the way commenting systems work on blogs.

Easy Random CSS Backgrounds

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Update: Since I no longer rotate the header images on this site, I have updated this tutorial. Also, I figured I should set up an example page to show how this CSS + PHP tutorial works. You can check out the demo here:

This article was prompted by a question asked on the Textpattern forum, regarding how to randomize CSS backgrounds.


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