God Function()

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There has been a lot of hemming and hawing as of late, around whether or not purpose in life is synonymous with belief in God. I’m not going to rehash all that’s been said. Suffice it to say, the drama reads in this order…

Asbury Seminary

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Recently, an old college friend got in touch with me. He is considering attending a different seminary but wanted to hear about my experience. While replying to him, I thought other prospective students out there might benefit from a glimpse of what life is like at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Easter 300

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Warning: “300” movie spoilers ahead.

Faith Healing

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Well, this semester is finally over, leaving me with six total classes left before I graduate. This time around, I only took two classes, not wanting to overly exert myself by doing a full-time schedule of three classes, on top of a job and freelance work. One of the classes, Worship 510 was pretty grueling to get through. I probably wouldn’t have enrolled in it, had it been more aptly titled Obscure Litergical Trivia 510.

He Is Risen

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I just wanted to say happy Easter to everyone out there. Hopefully we’re not all too caught up in dyeing, hiding, and finding eggs, all the while stuffing ourselves silly with various marshmallow confections, that we forget about the real reason for this blessed day. I really wanted to do a mini re-design, or at the very least change my header graphic, but alas I am visiting with family and find myself at a PC sans Fireworks or FTP.

Judas Iscariot

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Update: It appears that while ancient, this document was not written by the Judas who actually knew Jesus, but came many years later, written by people called the Gnostics. Here is what one the professors of Asbury Seminary had to say. The following excerpt is from the blog of Dr. Ben Witherington III.

Life Light Inc.

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As you might already know, I am currently trying to get through seminary, via online classes. I am a senior in credits, but am taking things slow, doing only part-time because of a full-time job. Anyway, while I was at seminary one of my good friends was John Dongerdive, now a graduate of the Master of Divinity program which I am still laboring to complete. I recently recieved an email from him, describing his ministry situation back home in India.

Angel with a Flat-Top

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Today, my wife got her green card. All mail-order Russian bride jokes aside, we’re super happy because this means she can go back to work and/or travel using her passport again. For the past two months, she has been able to do nothing but sit around and wait.

It was ironic, because while she was in graduate school, finishing up her Master of Arts in Counseling from Asbury Theological Seminary, she had a valid student visa and was able to hold a job.


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