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My 5-month old, at D4D
Hudson @ D4D

F1 + EE Module

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In preparation for our annual Dynamic Church Conferece — For the past month or so, my coworkers and I have been diligently (read: frantically) working on our respective applications that each consume the brand new Fellowship One RESTful API. I was half of a two-man team tasked with creating an EE module, to allow churches to display a list of members within their own site.

We dubbed it Listee (play on the “EE” moniker).

Drupal 6 Themes

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I recently read Drupal 6 Themes, by Ric Shreves – a partner at design and development firm Water&Stone. I found the book to be a great resource.

Keeping Digg Honest

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For those of you who know me, you also know that I have a love / hate relationship with Digg. They seem to love linking to my content, and I generally don’t care for the negativity their readership brings both via comments on my site and Digg itself. In the past, I was simply deflecting all Digg traffic.

However, friends convinced me the embargo really just hurt end-users, by not allowing them to get at the content they were seeking. Fair enough.

Thoughts on Leadership

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For a recent seminary assignment, we were asked to share our personal definition of leadership, and address the question: “Why do church leaders fail?” We were supposed to answer in approximately 400 words. After typing my response, I thought it might also make for a good blog post. Here ‘tis…


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