Joining HP

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These past two years have been filled with great personal growth. From fumbling through learning how to be a father to our now 2-year old son, to working alongside some of the most talented and dedicated people I’ve ever known at Fellowship Technologies, I count myself fortunate and blessed.

Formalize CSS

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Formalize CSS | View demo | Download | GitHub repo

Formalize CSS
Formalize CSS — Dress up your forms!

JavaScript Inception

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Note: The following whimsical post assumes that you have seen the movie Inception. If you haven’t yet, and you don’t want to run the risk of spoilers, then I’d encourage you to see the movie before reading any further.

Why Drupal?

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Lately I’ve been asked in several different ways what essentially boils down to one question: “Why Drupal?” The subtext of the question is: “Why not some other system such as [insert your favorite CMS here]?” Allow me to explain…

Keynote Wireframe Toolkit

— Topic: Design

Keynote Wireframe Toolkit

Hypothetically, if someone told me I should wireframe web page layouts using PowerPoint, I would probably laugh. If I actually thought this person was serious, I would probably have some concerns regarding his sanity and well-being.


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