Gender equality in design

Good Old Boys

This is something that I have been thinking over for the past few weeks or so. It all started with an article over at JoshuaInk which was written in response to an article at Interllectual that brought into question the biases of CSS & web-standards awards sites.

I have to admit my own presuppositions here. If I hear "fashion designer," I automatically think of a female, whereas if I hear the term "web designer" I tend to picture a male instead. This has to do largely with the fact that I have a friend who is female and is a masters student in fashion design. Also, most of the web designers I know are male.

I am in no way saying that this is a man's world, recognizing fully that there are many talented female web designers. Clearly there are men out there that just don't get it. Yet, it just seems that most of the web-standards focused web designers are male.

So, if there aren't many women winning these awards, does this mean they are being discriminated against, or is the breakdown in numbers proportionally representative of the number of successful women in the realm of web design?